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Action of Human Movement (AHM)

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Chennai, Tamilnadu

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Women builds a strong nation and inspire us in many ways. Partnering women's organizations, to enhance their role and help them champion their cause. Empowering them is the best way to show respect.

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The Action of Human Movement (AHM) is a registered non political secular organization and established on 04.10.2004 with like minded social work professionals and youths. This organization is working for the deprived sections of rural youths, Women, Children and BPL (Below Poverty Line) communities in India.


Including the excluded and giving the best to the least


Equal and integrated community development through mind, education, Employment and economics


Food for all

"Ensure 1 square meal a day to elders. Ensure 3 nutritious meals per day for kids and school going children. Organize rural food festivals."

Green Initiatives

"Litter free zones in rural belts. Solar lamps to all homes. Promote non conventional energy techniques from agricultural waste."

Health for all

"Provide access to basic medical facilities. Eye care camps in schools. Diabetes care camps for elders. Establish drug de-addiction centers."

Rural Development

"Adopt villages in backward areas Establish shelters in rural belts Development of basic infrastructure"

Empowerment of Women

"Form Women's Self Help Groups. Self sustaining micro enterprises. Micro credit firms exclusively for women."

Cheerful Children

"Establish orphanages for underprivileged children. Scholarships to meritorious students. Free books and stationery depots in rural area."




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A "Grassroots movement" is a movement that develops organically at a local level, by a group of people who feel strongly enough about an issue to actively campaign to make a difference.

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