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This initiative enables a platform and engages compassionate care to patients with life threatening illness and chronic health conditions, promoting awareness about palliative care among the public. We believe in the saying - 'Prevention is cure'

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4.00 (15)

ragul babu

2 years ago

It was worth going and useful in learning basics on FIRST AID

Prabhakaran Karunamoorthi

2 years ago

Very informative and useful. Learnt do s and dont s of basic survival first aid support

Saiyasodharan R

2 years ago

Amazing event. Learned a loads from handling Basic emergency situations to giving CPR. Atleast one person in a family should know all this.

Hari Prasath

2 years ago

Very much essential. Good experience.

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Amenity Lifeline Emergency Response Team (ALERT) is an attempt by a group of young and spirited professionals from different walks of life who wish to make a difference in society. ALERT through its Emergency Response Training (ERT) program, aims to save lives that are lost due to lack of awareness and the inability to mobilise timely help. The program caters to people of all sections of the society. ALERT aims to train at least one person in every family in first aid and basic life support.


To ensure ‘Right to Life’ a reality through thought leadership in Emergency Care policy making.


Ensuring road safety and the ‘Right to Emergency Care’ through responsible ALERT Beings community, by collaborating with corporate and social organizations, government and emergency ecosystem stakeholders.


ALERT Training Programs

ALERT’s training programs are exclusively designed to meet the needs of a lay person to become a first responder. The programs are holistic in its approach that it addresses social, psychological and other inhibitors in providing first response, apart from just the technical know-how.

ALERT Being Awards

When there is adversity to a fellow human most of us walk away. But there are heroes amongst us who go out of their way to save others. They are not just Human Beings, they are ALERT Beings! An ALERT Being can be someone who has saved a life or created a lasting impact in this society. ALERT Being Awards is an unique platform that honours humanity by recognising and rewarding real life heroes.


ALERTATHON is the signature running event of ALERT with the theme of “Run to Save a Life”. It is a kind of run which will test the pace of the regular runners and also will encourage newbies to participate and take up fitness on a regular basis and to create awareness in the society on first aid and emergency care.

ALERT at school

ALERT @ SCHOOL is a program designed specifically for school students and teachers. ALERT has taken this initiative as ALERT believes that basic concepts of emergency care should be taught to the young minds that could stay with them for life. Through this programme, ALERT would empower teachers and through them train the students in Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response.




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A "Grassroots movement" is a movement that develops organically at a local level, by a group of people who feel strongly enough about an issue to actively campaign to make a difference.

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