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Arul Jothi Anna Aalayam works on the mission "No one should be hungry because of poverty" . In 1992, the NGO Started with these principles and fed 40 people in a day. It slowly grew into a community and right now the NGO is feeding over 5000 people across Tamil Nadu

By feeding people one wholesome meal a day, we give them the nourishment and motivation they need for a better future. It is our endeavor to reach out to everyone starving at the grass-root level of society.

Why we need this fund? As a part of improvement, we are looking to feed an extra 2000 people in the upcoming days. Help us achieve this goal Arul jothi Anna Aalayam was created by the volunteers of Vallalar in 1995. Today we are feeding 5000 people who are starving. We want to ensure that all those are starving have to be fed with satisfactory diet, enhances the health and leads to a prosperous future. Many other should also benefit from this. To expand the program, we will feed 2000 people.

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A "Grassroots movement" is a movement that develops organically at a local level, by a group of people who feel strongly enough about an issue to actively campaign to make a difference.

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