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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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4.24 (88 Reviews)

Roshini Soundar

3 years ago

It was very informative. Though basically all knows how its happening i learnt it again with technical terms. Try to give some break in between. It would have been nice if you guys provide certificate for attending the workshop cause for students like me it would be very helpful in the future course. Thank you

Saiyasodharan R

3 years ago

Though I am aware of the session content before, talking the same with People, getting to know their stories with fun filled activities are amazing. Wish this community grows into a big one in Chennai, opening up the minds of Chennaities

Dhivya Dhivi

3 years ago

Its really Scoupeful. Appreciate your wonderful ✨😍 effort Aware team. Thanks for gave me a amazing chance and more knowledge about CSA.


Chennai, Tamilnadu



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4.24 (88)