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Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM is not just a word or a name. It's an inspiration and heartbeat for youngsters in our society. The organisation has volunteers who are pillars of trust, touching the lives of thousands of needy poor peoples. APJ Abdul Kalam Trust’s motto leans towards protection, conservation, and improvement of mother nature and humanity.


Work for Nation Development and for its Unity Help Education for poor peoples and create awareness among illiterate people about education Encourage self-employment and creating job opportunities for youngsters Bringing awareness and importance of Natural Organic Agriculture Conducting medical and Blood camps & Mass awareness about organ donation To Plant and adopt trees, create awareness about the environment and natural resources To eradicate Prosopis juliflora (Seemai Karuvelam) Encourage people to buy Indian Products Awareness safety for women’s & empowers women’s rights Protect wild animals and birds



Environment - Seed Bombs

Even a Birds dropping (poop) can be a fertilizer when it falls into the soil. To make a plant grow healthy, there is a procedure called Seed Bombs, a method to pack together all the nutrients that a plant needs. When such seed bombs are made, they are thrown near rivers, ponds, hills and national highways.

Blood Support

APJ Future Vision arranges blood donors for rare blood groups when there is a blood requirement.

Helping Hands

APJ Future Vision Trust helps in sponsoring for the education of children from a financially low economic background.


APJ Kalam Trust for Future Vision is undertaking village Government Schools for 6months. During this period, the trust pillars will teach and give awareness about real-life education, yoga, plantation and its maintenance, awareness about drugs and smoke. The trust also improves their creative knowledge by teaching them extracurricular activities like painting, grafting, essay competition,etc., and also conduct skill development competitions for improving the skills every month.

Food Sharing

Excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, functions are picked by the volunteers of APJ Future Vision Trust and will be donated to the hungry.

Environment - Water Bodies Restoration

Due to the ever-increasing population, increase in construction activities and demand for residential purposes & development activities, water conservation becomes a prime concern to the entire world. Now the land of natural drainage channels is in danger because it is not owned by any particular village or city or person. Unauthorised use of land in natural drainage channels like rivers, their tributaries, etc., village ponds and small rivers are causing obstruction in the normal natural flow of water in them. Unless every individual in the world takes a step it becomes difficult to survive in the near future.

Environment - Palm Seeds Planting

Palm Trees are the greatest asset for our country. Many common products and foods like Palm leaves, Palm milk, Palm oil, Jaggery, Nungu, Etc., come from Palm Tree. Water is one of the precious natural resources. To increase groundwater, the common trees which were planted were “PALM TREE”. In general, tree roots are in the form of fibers but palm tree roots are just out of all angles from the root initialisation zone because palm tends to have heavy fronds and trucks, the numerous roots act both as anchors and feeders to sustain the growing plant. The thin root stretches away from the trunk in search for moisture, water and nutrients. This automatically increases the ground water level.

Environment - Adopting Plants – 1 Indian 100 Trees

APJ Trust for Future Vision started the plantation drive under 1 Indian 100 Trees Projects all over TamilNadu and Puducherry. Volunteers in each district, plant the saplings and maintain the sapling plants for every two years. To motivate all the youngsters and volunteers, the investigation team visits every district and analyzes the growth of the tree and volunteers are given a certificate of appreciation and gifts for their hard work.

One Day Farming

A small step to encourage young people to understand the importance of farming, APJ Trust for Future Vision took this initiative. In a day , volunteers will be guided by the farmers in all activities to understand their life activities, farming activities, so that future generations never forget the importance of farming.


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A "Grassroots movement" is a movement that develops organically at a local level, by a group of people who feel strongly enough about an issue to actively campaign to make a difference.

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