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Many people in this world lead a life filled with nothing but struggles and it remains that way even in death. We are a bunch of people who believe that irrespective of the life that a person lives, death always deserves some dignity. We tend to the mortal remains of unknown and homeless people and give them a dignified burial/cremation. Most of these people are ignored/abandoned by their families and get thrown out on to the streets, where they struggle even to get few square meals a day.

We are a team of youngsters (18-25 year olds, mostly college students) and we have been involved in performing the final rites of homeless and sick people, old people dying on the roads, people dying due to natural calamities, etc. for over 3 years now. Along with this, we also work on finding homes/shelters for the homeless and conduct awareness sessions in various schools and colleges. While we still have the zeal and dedication to carry this forward, we experience a need of funds since most of us are college students and are yet to start earning. Our monthly maintenance expenses are around Rs 30,000/- which includes burial expenses, office rent, electricity charges, fuel for the ambulance, etc. We request you to donate for this cause which will encourage us and help us to continue with our efforts.

Regards, Khaalid Ahamed (Founder) -8056205080

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