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Yein Udaan

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Reduced Inequalities

Reduce Inequality within and among countries

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8B Wellingdon Estate, 53 Commander In Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008



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The name “Yein Udaan” is an amalgamation of two languages – Tamil (‘Yein’ meaning ‘My’) and Hindi (‘Udaan’ meaning ‘Takeoff’). It was conceived as an after-school community center to provide continuous training in academic, cultural, and sports activities to children in Chetpet’s Dhobi Khana community, located in central Chennai.


To provide a safe space for underprivileged children to indulge in quality academic, cultural and sports training for their holistic development.



Cleanliness Drive

On Independence Day, students of Yein Udaan decided to do something more than their usual school cultural performances. Disturbed by their dirty community environment, they spent a week brainstorming solutions that resulted in them taking charge and cleaning the streets of their community.

Transforming Community Spaces

In a pursuit to ensure that children are safe and learning not only in the team’s community centers but also in the community itself, Yein Udaan has been conducting events to make the space colourful and child-friendly.

Expanding Horizons

In order to ensure the Yein Udaan team’s impact is felt beyond the community centres in the wider community, they conduct several workshops and events for all children and adults in the community.

Accounts and Transparency

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